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In the current world musical climate where millions of potential artists are clawing their way to the top, YOU NEED to have a plan of action that helps you stand out in the crowd and attain your goals.  At Trebla Studios, we understand what it takes to get noticed and we want to help you reach your potential.

We have developed a step by step plan that begins with establishing who you are as an artist and takes you through the social media and streaming frenzy to a place that will attract mid market and major labels to your front door.  

how badly do you want it?

To have any real success in the music industry, you must be willing to work long and hard hours. In this regard, we only work with serious and talented acts who already have established their unique sound and style. You must be easy to work with, currently writing music that you have released out to the public and have experience in a professional recording studio and performing in front of a live audience.  If this sounds like you then we want to hear from you today! 


Please email us at TreblaStudios with the following information:

1. A link to your website or social media page that showcases who you are as an artist.

2. A link to your music. Specifically where people can stream, download or buy your tracks.

3. A link to a video of you performing.

4. Please include your full name, your stage name (if applicable), the town where you currently reside and a short bio explaining who you are, the type of music you create and your short and long term goals.

Note: Trebla Studios has a specific method of choosing who we work with and we reserve the right to accept or reject working with any artist in accordance with those proprietary methods. We do not discriminate in any capacity whatsoever.  All of our decisions are based on talent and marketability. 

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